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Full Circle Real Estate Group: Athens Real Estate, Sustainable Real Estate

Agents of Change


We are committed to being agents of positive change in our community and part of our success will be measured by how much we give back. That's why we'll donate our time and a percentage of our company's profit to support local organizations that share our philosophy on sustainable growth.

To do our part, we keep our eco-footprint tiny by using a virtual office, recycling, minimizing paper usage, using recycled products and composting. All of our agents will either be EcoBroker Certified or GREEN Designated, so we'll be uniquely qualified to help guide you in making healthy choices for you and your family, our community and the environment.

  • Patrick O'Brien


    Patrick hails from the sprawling wasteland of Phoenix, AZ and has spent numerous hours contemplating sustainable growth while going nowhere fast on Hwy 316. So inspired, he read up on new  urbanism and sustainable development and started a career in Real Estate. After learning the ropes, he has just launched Full Circle Real Estate Group, who’s focus is promoting a culture of  balance between our built and natural environments. Patrick has given time to local historic preservation and alternative transportation non profits and is the current president of Athens Grow Green Coalition. He misses surfing Sunset Cliffs, his home break in San Diego, CA where he was a researcher at UCSD, but has filled the void with mountain biking, Patrick presently lives in the Boulevard neighborhood with his son Dillon, and two brown dogs.

    Patrick O'Brien

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  • Michael Littleton


    Having lived in Athens for 31 years (in almost all the intown neighborhoods), my passions for housing are varied and have evolved over the years. I've always felt an emotional connection to the older, historic homes and unique properties like churches, warehouses, and schools. So, helping people buy and sell such unique properties has always been gratifying; I can't imagine a more satisfying way to spend time working.  I've been fortunate that my enthusiasm for these properties has also allowed me the priviledge to creatively restore some amazing structures over the years. I've undertaken these restorations with close friends, who in my estimation are some of the finest craftspeople in the area; it's hard to put into words just how treasurable and rewarding this path of experience has been. Along the way, I've been priviledged to be associated with some truly amazing properties and people. I feel quite blessed. Recently, a number of these craftsfolk, and some new acquaintances (some very talented folks who I think will be the next generation of sentient and quality, local builders)made along the way, have begun to build new homes, with an inclination toward building classic structures which incorporate 'green elements' . It's been exciting to see historic-style homes being built, which are not only energy efficient, but that are being built with a growing interest in awareness of their potential impact on the environment. Our world is clearly changing. Becoming a part of this new venture, Full Circle Real Estate Group, offers an opportunity to be an agent of that change. It offers an opportunity to blend my passion for historic and unique structures with a movement toward greater environmental awareness. I'm eager to see what this next leg of the journey will bring....

    Michael Littleton

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  • Briggs Carney


         My career in real estate began simply, with a love for Athens, an attraction to various architectural styles and an interest in preservation as well as historic homes. I've now been an Athenian for over two decades, which is hard to believe. I have spent nearly fifteen years as a full time, licensed Realtor in the residential and commercial real estate markets of Athens and its surrounding counties. Being actively involved in an ever changing real estate market for such a long time enables me to share invaluable insight with my clients. My goal for my client relationships is to apply this invaluable local knowledge with honesty, integrity and professionalism and in doing so find my clients the perfect property to serve their needs. My experience with real estate in and around Athens is well rounded. Working with residential Buyers and Sellers has always been rewarding and will always be a primary focus. For five years now I've worked closely with area banks and broadened my horizons in these relationships representing all sorts of properties, from finished multi family condo buildings to partially completed subdivisions, to undeveloped parcels of land. Commercial Real Estate became a focus in 2003 when my partners and I purchased over 60,000 sq' of an old cotton mill for an adaptive reuse project we are very proud of, converting the existing space, and reusing much of the existing structure to serve commercial office needs at the Chase Park Warehouses. Investment properties are a focus as well and my ability to recognize the right opportunity in the right neighborhood has ensured that my investment clients have had success and continue to work with me to build their portfolios.
         As a homeowner in the Boulevard Historic District, I've served on the Boulevard Neighborhood Association Steering Committee, actively participating in the preservation of one of Athens most attractive in town neighborhoods. Whether you need assistance marketing your property for sale, finding the home of your dreams, placing your business or investing in real estate, let me apply my passion and experience to help you meet your goals.

    Briggs Carney

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  • Christina Abercrombie


    Testimonials for Christina:

    "Christina was wonderful! She was patient, kind and thorough in the searching process. She was quick and knowledgeable during negotiations, and I felt that she had my best interests at heart. She organized the home inspection, closing attorney, and home warranty. I highly recommend Christina. And, I love the home she helped me find!"


    "Christina is very knowledgable and thoughtful! As a first time homeowner, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She helped me find the perfect home!"


    "Fantastic agent! We purchased a condo far from our home, and Christina was incredibly helpful in handling all the details we could not. She made thoughtful suggestions and offered great feedback during the negotiations and home inspection process. Very responsive - and really ran with the whole deal!"


    "It was a pleasure to work with Christina. She was knowledgeable, professional and responsive through the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in Athens."

    Christina Abercrombie

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    • (C) 706-765-7001
  • Katie Throne


    Katie Throne is Athens’ first GREEN-Designated Realtor® with three years of experience working for a local developer to market and sell two environmentally-sensitive developments. She has been trained in what makes a property green, helping clients evaluate the cost/benefits of sustainable building features and practices, listing and marketing green homes and buildings, discussing financial grants and incentives available to homeowners and helping consumers see a property’s green potential. She is a 1998 UGA grad with a background in journalism and marketing. Originally from Augusta, Katie returned to Athens in 2002. She is a member of the Green Resource Council, Athens Grow Green Coalition and Athens Land Trust.

    Katie Throne

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    • (C) 706-255-9235
    • GREEN Designation, received 03/26/2009
  • Leah Salguero

    Associate Broker


    Leah Salguero is Full Circle’s newest agent. Born and raised in Athens, Ga, Leah successfully began her real estate career in Pueblo, Colorado where she lived for two years. She sold over a million dollars in properties her first year and was awarded high sales person of the year within her company. Not only does she have her Associate Broker’s License, Leah has obtained the National Association of Realtors® Green Designation. “I really believe that with rising energy cost and limited resource availability, this will be the way of the future. This training allows me to specialize in working with those who want to be conscientious about natural resources and the environment. I’m proud to be associated with Full Circle Real Estate Group who has taken the lead in sustainable housing alternatives.” Since being back in Athens, Leah has specialized in REO properties and has become quite proficient with the process while establishing a professional relationship within the banking community.

    Through her many years of residence in Athens, she has built a strong
    clientele and reputation. Her clients know and trust she will do her
    best to serve their needs. Do not hesitate to give her a call for your
    real estate needs.

    On a personal note, Leah loves music and salsa dancing. She sings with Incatepec, a local group that play a mixture of jazz and Latino music. She volunteers with Meals on Wheels and Girl’s Rock Camp, a non-profit summer camp for teenage girls. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, yoga, and jogging. Her most important activity is spending time with her son Cyrus who is the light of her life.

    Leah Salguero

    • (O) 706-621-4890
    • (F) 888-711-9051
    • (C) 706-461-2584
    • Green, NAR Designation, received 09/22/2010
  • Brant Rackley


    Brant Rackley has lived in Athens for 17 years. He lives in the Boulevard Historic District with his wife Melissa, their two children, Polly and Sam, and pets, Ketchup and Zora. Brant has extensive knowledge of the intown areas and neighborhoods of Athens as well as years of experience in residential real estate, property magement, and renovation projects. He is an active musician involved in local community, schools, and the arts. Brant is very proud to call Athens home and enjoys helping others to feel the same.

    Brant Rackley

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    • (C) 706-296-7255
  • Jeff Shirey


    Jeff Shirey

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